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Embracing Delight: The Key to a Satisfying and Fulfilling Life


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I’m master career strategist Aricia Shaffer, and in this episode we delve into the concept of having a “delicious life” and explore the pursuit of satisfaction and fulfillment in our everyday habits and choices.

Choosing a Word for the Year

Many of my friends adopt a word for the year, ranging from courage to adventure, empowerment to balance. This year, my chosen word is “curiosity.” This decision was inspired by a delightful vlog featuring a woman in Japan who finds joy in savoring delicious things, discovering unique treasures, and exploring new places. This led me to contemplate our habits, goals, and resolutions, and how they contribute to the quality of our lives.

Breaking Free from Restrictive Mindsets

During a recent gathering with friends, one shared her struggle with quitting diet coke. Having successfully abstained for years, a sudden craving led her to pick up the habit again. This scenario made me ponder the restrictions we place on ourselves, avoiding certain pleasures because we believe they are “bad” for us. The constant internal conflict of wanting something deemed unhealthy creates unnecessary tension and dissatisfaction.

Reflecting on my mother’s avoidance of butter despite her love for it, I questioned the societal narratives around what is considered “good” or “bad” for us. Experts now suggest that it’s more about sugar than fat, prompting me to wonder how many satisfying experiences we deny ourselves based on outdated beliefs. My work with clients revolves around helping them find meaningful and fulfilling work, but it’s essential to extend this pursuit of satisfaction to all aspects of life.

Cultivating Satisfaction for a Happy Life

While having a happy life is a common goal, achieving it begins with cultivating satisfaction. Our culture’s tendency to swing between extremes leaves us in a constant struggle. This mindset not only affects personal habits but also influences how we approach work. The misconception that work must be grueling to be considered “work” can hinder our ability to negotiate for a fulfilling job that aligns with our passions.

Coaches often ask clients about habits that aren’t working for them, but it’s equally crucial to identify habits that bring deep satisfaction. Indulging in small pleasures labeled as “guilty pleasures” can enhance life’s satisfaction. While I’m not advocating for harmful addictions, there’s room for enjoying a piece of chocolate before bed, a glass of wine with dinner, or a leisurely morning in bed on the weekend.

Reframing Your Perspective

The misconception that life is meant to be endured rather than enjoyed can significantly impact our overall happiness. As my hypothetical client, I would encourage you to ask yourself: What can you do in your life right now to feel more satisfied? Life is meant to be relished, not endured.

As we navigate the seasons of life, let’s challenge the narratives that dictate what is deemed “bad” or “good” for us. Embrace the small, delightful habits that bring satisfaction and joy. Remember, you weren’t put on this planet to endure a miserable job and an unsatisfying routine. Until next time, enjoy the journey, savor the moments, and find ways to infuse your life with satisfaction. Talk to you soon!

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